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If you want to stay in a gorgeous Victorian SF house, this is the place!

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While many dream of living the exciting life of an Innkeeper, Sheila Ash actually lives the dream. Turning her eight bedroom Victorian home into a vibrant, but comfortable Bed and Breakfast is just one her many accomplishments. She also makes time in her busy schedule to help others in planning their events and weddings, catering for Kosher clients, giving customized tours of San Francisco, and specializing in relocating individuals and families to this, her favorite City. And not to be forgotten, she also is a fashion consultant who begins every day with an ensemble of period or vintage clothing, including not least of all, her ‘trade-mark’ chapeaus.

She could not resist turning one of her distinctively decorated rooms into ‘Sheila’s Chapeau Room’ in honor of her varied collection of hats, even encouraging guests to borrow the hat of their choice. Whether attending one of the many boards* of her favorite non-profit charities, or the fund raising events these organizations hold frequently through out the San Francisco Bay Area, she can always be counted on to sport an eye-catching outfit that suits her fancy that particular moment.

Originally from Brooklyn, Sheila has brought her flare for life to this enchanting City by the Bay. A prominent resident of over 35 years has made her especially suited to her role as ‘bon vivant extraordinaire’, escorting her entourage of like-minded individuals to the best soirees and restaurants this fascinating City has to offer.

Once she was asked, ‘if, with her whirlwind of activities, fashion consulting and nonstop parties, she ever has time to just sit back, relax and watch television or see a movie, “Are you kidding?” she replied. “My life is a movie!”’ Apropos to that telling comment, she mentioned that at one time she was an aspiring actress, but “rather than devote my life to the stage, I made my life a stage.”

So come visit Noe’s Nest Bed and Breakfast and watch her in her best performance yet, as Innkeeper of her charming, distinct and fascinating Inn, in the heart of the San Francisco, on a hill overlooking the popular Mission District and a heart beat away from the scenic Noe Valley.

For more information please check out Sheila Ash and her many interests and activities on Facebook.

  • American Breast Cancer Society
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Richmond-Ermet Aids Foundation (REAF)
  • Variety (Aids Handicap and Abandoned Children)
  • Sheila Ash has recently been featured in the July issue of the magazine Oregon Jewish Life, in “Investigating San Francisco” by Joseph Lieberman, page 46

If you want to stay in a gorgeous Victorian SF house, this is the place!

TripAdvisor Review
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